Scotland (5 day) May 2010

Miles Travelled

The Rail Trip for 2010 saw us visiting Scotland for the first time in late May.  It started with a long journey on the only direct train to Inverness.  This produced some friction between Bob who complained continuously about how long the journey was taking.  What do you expect when going from the south coast to nearly the top of the UK!  Bill was close to thumping Bob to shut him up, but sense prevailed fortunately as we didn’t have a first aid kit.

From Inverness some of the group went to Wick on which Malcolm said the scenery was all the same and eventually boring as it didn’t change for the journey back.  The rest of the group visited the Granite City of Aberdeen.

On the third day we took the train to Kyle of Lochalsh then the bus to Portree on the Isle of Skye to stay for the night.  Some took the advice of a local boat owner to go and see Sea Eagles, Dolphins or Porpoises, Seals and other wild life.  A distant speck of a Sea Eagle was photographed as evidence, but for the rest they were hibernating!

This was the first time that rooms had to be shared and for those sharing with Malcolm the mask of Zorro made an appearance.  Not to be seen again thankfully.

On the fourth day we caught the ferry from Armadale to Mallaig, where we saw Seals and Porpoises from the ferry, to travel back to Fort William on the steam Jacobite.

We then visited Ernie’s brothers’ house for drinks before having an excellent evening meal on Spean Bridge station.  The highlight for Dave W and Mike was a cab ride on the last train back to Fort William.

We opted for first class travel on Virgin from Glasgow back to Euston expecting a hot meal; instead we got a cardboard box with sandwiches, biscuit and crisps, what luxury!

Worthing to St Pancras International

Kings Cross to Inverness

Inverness to Wick and Return

Or Inverness to Aberdeen and Return

Inverness to Kyle of Lochalsh

Bus Kyle of Lochalsh to Skye and Portree

Bus Portree to Armadale

Ferry Armadale to Mallaig

Mallaig to Fort William Steam Train ‘The Jacobite’

Fort William to Spean Bridge for Station meal & Return

Fort William to Glasgow Central

Glasgow Central to Euston

St Pancras International to Worthing