COVID19 2020

Miles Travelled

CoVID 19 Chronicles of TRASH 2020

The CoVID 19 stopping train from China finally arrived at Platform UK around the end of February. On its way it had picked up passengers from Italy, Spain and France causing significant disruption to their systems in its wake. Eventually having arrived in the UK it proceeded to cause similar disruptions here. Within a couple of weeks all members of TRASH were stored at their home depots out of service. I cannot find a record of the appropriate shed codes!

Occasional run outs were permitted to keep the batteries fully charged and operational when restrictions were relaxed. It did mean that internal and external improvements that had required attention to the home depots were now being carried out.

These disruptions to the travels of TRASH were not received with much enthusiasm. Two trips had been planned in the 2020 program and both were postponed at an early stage. The first was a day trip to try out the new Elizabeth line stock from Paddington to Reading and then visit the Water & Steam Museum at Brentford. There is a small chance this could be done towards the end of the year but don’t get too excited!!

The main annual event for 2020 was the 5day visit to the West Country visiting several branch lines, a river Dart boat trip and the Bodmin steam railway. This will now be the main trip for 2021 providing trains etc are back to something like normality. The proposed date for 2021 would be W/B Monday June 7th. A further update will be posted as and when appropriate.